How To Play

How do I start?

First, you must register to play! Click on 'Register to Play' and fill in the information. Registering is totally free!

How do I play?

Once you have registered to play, all you need to do is click the ‘Play’ button and you will be taken to your own home page! From there, you just need to click on the appropriate age category of your child. Then, you’ll get to spin the game wheel, which will randomly pick age appropriate game for you and your child to play. On each game page, you can listen to information about how to play the game, what brain pathways the game improves, and a little about those brain pathways. For some games you can also watch an instructional video of an adult playing the game with a child! We are currently in the process of making videos for every game, but bear with us – there are over 250 games!

How often should I play?

We recommend you play about two to three games per day, if you can! Even if you can't get around to logging in to First Pathways everyday, we hope that our platform will help you learn what kind of activites have a positive effect on your child's development!

Now, go build those strong first pathways!