'Building Better Brains'

What is First Pathways?

First Pathways is an online platform for parent-child playtime activities that promote healthy brain development! Every time a parent logs on, they can access descriptions and instructional videos of age-appropriate activities that require only simple household items and can be played almost anywhere. You will be amazed how quickly children learn new skills and strengthen their first brain pathways that will help them lead healthy lives!

Who can Play?

We have activities for children from birth to age 8. We have activities for children from birth to age 8. Once you choose an age category you’ll be taken to an activity wheel. Spin the wheel to learn about an activity you and your child can do together. For each activity you will learn what brain pathways are strengthened while you play the game. For many activities you can see videos of other families playing the activity. We also have activities categorized by level for diverse learners. These alternative activities are designed for learners with diverse styles of learning who were born prematurely, are on the Autism Spectrum or have other neurological impairments

Who made First Pathways?

First Pathways is the branch of Working For Kids: Building Skills that focuses on developing educational games and software that provide activities to help parents and children build strong brain pathways in the first years of life.

What is Working For Kids: Building Skills?

Working For Kids: Building Skills is a company, formed by Neuroscience researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, focused on developing educational programs that take a community-based approach to child development, hoping to improve the life trajectory of future generations.