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Let's start building brains!

We’re so glad you’ve decided to start building brains with us! To start, we just need a little information, starting with something we can call you! What’s your name?


To aid in further development of this game we are doing research and have a short (2 min) four question pre-play survey we hope you will answer.

After 1 month of playing the game, we will ask you to complete another short (2 min) three question post-play survey. If you have any questions about this survey, you are welcome to contact judycameron@workingforkids.com. There are neither risks or benefits to you associated with this study. I understand that my participation in this survey is voluntary and I can chose to not complete it at any time. No identifying information is being collected so confidentiality is maintained. Judy Cameron is the CEO of Working For Kids and thus has a financial interest in the company. This means that it is possible that results of the study could lead to personal profit for her or the University of Pittsburgh. Any questions you might have about this can be answered fully by the Human Subject Protection Advocate of the University of Pittsburgh (866-212-2668).

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